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Guaranteed Life Protection with Enhanced Coverage

When you need life insurance, you shouldn’t have to wait for coverage, let alone wonder if you’re eligible based on situation

  • Instant approvals with most insurance policies issued
    in 48 hours
  • Coverage sums of up to $150,000
  • Eligibility for ages 18 to 79
  • No rejection due to health condition or previous
    decline history.


Flexible Final Expense Protection

Our final expense protection plan provides financial relief to your loved ones to help cover your final expenses. This plan offers:

  • Approval within minutes, all from the comfort of home
  • Covers up to $25,000
  • Eligibility for ages 18 to 74
  • No rejection due to health condition or previous decline history.

Note: Non-Canadians, Refugees, Visitors to Canada can also apply.

Simplified Protection

Without financial security, an injury or illness can have a major impact on your budget. With our Simplified Protection Plans, you can have some backup in the event of an injury or illness. This plan offers:

  • Instant approval, coverage issued in up to 48 hours
  • Coverage of up to $650,000
  • Eligibility for ages 18 to 80
  • Guaranteed cash values
  • Terminal illness benefit
  • No denials due to health conditions or previous decline history


Prestige Life Protection

Our Prestige Life Protection Plan offers high coverage at competitive rates, even if you have a history of bankruptcy. This plan offers:

  • Coverage begins on day one
  • Coverage of up to $1,000,000
  • Eligibility for ages 18 to 80
  • Emergency funds in terminal condition
  • Tax-Free wealth transfer and cash value growth


Guaranteed Mortgage Protection

  • Coverage amounts available for ages 18 to 50 up to $750,000
  • Coverage amounts available for ages 51 to 60 up to $500,000
  • Absolutely no medical exams & no needles
  • No denials due to health conditions or previous decline history
  • Most coverages issued with a guaranteed -cash value feature
  • Access to emergency funds in a terminal condition
  • Permanent coverage until age 100
  • Terminal Illness Benefit included (Most Coverages)
  • Transportation Benefit included (Most Coverages)
  • No waiting period, coverage starts day one



Cancer Protection

At Canada Benefit Plan, we know that a standard health plan only goes so far. But you also need to consider the impact that cancer can have on your income and capacity to work.

With people experiencing debilitating illnesses more and more, they are even more susceptible to high out-of-pocket costs. We will match you to the best critical illness insurance in Canada through the top Canadian insurance providers to give you peace of mind from the financial burdens and stress that can come with cancer.

Canada Benefit Plan can provide you the specialty cancer protection cover can help minimize the financial impact on you and your family in the event of early and advanced stage cancers. You can use the critical illness insurance Canada Benefit Plan offers in order to meet unexpected treatment costs of chemotherapy and life-saving surgeries outside of Canada, so you can stay focused on recuperation and not worry about the loss of income or private treatment expenses.


Guaranteed Income Protection

The Guaranteed Income Protection Insurance Canada Benefit Plan offers, will help you acquire additional financial security and improve your financial wellness. Our guaranteed income assurance is a key component to ensure a smooth road to planning for unexpected.

What’s even more – if you’re unable to work due to sickness or accident, Canada Benefit Plan’s wage loss insurance coverage will pay you a monthly income, whether you’re employed or self-employed or could replace your annual income in case you are unable to work due to a serious health condition. You can also get additional amounts to pay for your monthly loan installments in case of illness or accident.


Tax-free Living Benefit Protection

We work with the top life insurance companies in Canada to bring you a host of protection plans that are well suited for planning for the unexpected and receiving tax-free benefits.

Tax-free Living Benefit Protection is a crucial step of a sound financial plan as it helps to protect your goals and take care of your loved ones if something should happen to you. But the value of tax-free, living benefit insurance goes beyond risk protection. It can be an asset — and offer other financial benefits — throughout your life.


Critical Illness Protection

Find financial protection with a range of Critical Illness Protection plans with affordable premiums and high payout.

A critical illness policy helps you be prepared for and meet life’s challenges. It pays out a total that can be used to cover any costs — such as medical care, travel expenses, or wages of a family member unable to work. Our critical illness insurance plans can help alleviate some of the financial strain that you could be facing.


We are proud to deliver outstanding value through our no medical simplified issue life insurance & guaranteed
acceptance of critical illness insurance designed to suit your needs.

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Canada Benefit Plan has been a leading provider of no medical & simplified issue life insurance in the Canadian
market since 2015. With the provision of final expense protection full suite term and permanent simplified issue
coverage, we offer plans intentionally designed to meet our customers’ unique and varied needs.


We care about our clients, our partners and our policyholders, and because we care, we make every effort to work in the best interest of the people we work with and for, every day.


We always aim to offer the lowest possible rates for our insurance plans with the greatest value, features, and complimentary benefits. We have worked earnestly to build partnerships with a network of trusted experts to ensure anyone who comes to us can qualify for coverage, regardless of their age, health, or financial situation. Canada Benefit Plan is proud to have established a reputation as one of Canada’s most trusted providers of health and life protection for your life and critical illness insurance needs.


All Canada Benefit Plan policies are underwritten by some of the most trusted Canadian Life Assurance Companies and protected by Assuris, the organization that protects Canadian policyholders if their insurance company should fail.

Insurance made easy

We want to make it fast and easy to obtain insurance coverage. We can provide insurance to anyone who qualifies, regardless of their health, age, or financial situation.


We are one of Canada’s most trusted insurance providers. With us, you can rest easy knowing your insurance is in good hands.


Our rates are kept low and competitive to give you the best insurance for the best price.


At Canada Benefit Plan, we truly care about you, our policyholder. We also care about our employees, distributors, and the community.


We care about everyone in our community. This is why we have been working to provide quality insurance to over 650 million people nationwide.


Some insurance companies have a waiting period before coverage begins. We believe that you should get your insurance as soon as possible, so our coverage begins within 48 hours of your approval. Most of our plans begin coverage the day you are approved.

Note: We may provide products developed by other providers to serve you better.


  1. Canada Benefit is founded

  2. Wall Street Canada partnered with Canada Protection Plan in order to provide a full suite of permanent, no-medical products through its managed distribution portfolio of Canada Benefit Plan.

  3. Canada Benefit Plan became a trademark.

  4. Insurance Provided over 650 million nationwide in protection dollars.

  5. Insurance assets under administration (IAUA) 32 milion in simplified coverge alone in the province of Ontario.

And those are just a handful of the reasons to choose Canada Benefit Plan. Learn more


Life Insurance Needs Calculator | Canada Benefit Plan

An easy-to-use calculator to help determine your insurance needs.

Life Insurance Coverage Needed

An easy-to-use calculator to help determine your insurance needs.

Step 1- My debts and final expenses?

The first step is to determine your liabilities (mortgage, loans) and final expenses (funeral costs, tax bills and final medical bills)

How much do I owe on my mortgage?
  (Your total outstanding mortgage balance) includes your home line of equity

How much other debt do I have?
  (Your total debts are all types of loans, credit card balances, used portion of your line of credits, auto loans etc.) includes your home line of equity

How much do I expect in final expenses?
  (Your expected cost of funeral, any tax bills and unpaid government bills, and final medical bills such as parking costs, family attendant wage compromise in your final times etc.

Step 2- My family's financial needs?

This step is to consider how much income your family would need and for (how many years) in case of your unexpected death. You are financially worth for your family as your family is depending on your income and financial decisions

What is my current annual income?
  Your total gross annual income from all sources

How much annual income would my family need if I die today?
  (This should be your total annual household expense: groceries, travel, out of pocket medical and emergency expenses) Generally it is equal to your annual spending on your family living expense needs.

How many years would my family need the income?
  (Consider your elder child to grown up and could be potential replacement of your income. Generally, it is 15 to 20 years in considering to provide your family family with an income for next 20 years after you die.

How much will my family need in an emergency fund?
  Consider once in a while emergency: natural disasters, pandemic diseases, family incidents, necessary travel, shortage on unexpected expenses etc.

How much do I expect to pay for my childern's education?
  (Consider all of your dependent children educational cost, Books, tuition fee, student expenses, other college and university expenses). Generally it is $50,000 per child subject to change in inflation and cost of education.

How much do I expect in child-care expenses ?
  Total expense of your toddlers or any dependent children: babysitting cost, mental, social, physical development costs like swimming, additional learning & development activities etc.

Step 3- Are my parents dependent on me?

In this step, you should consider your parents if they are relying on you for basic needs and how they will continue to meet those needs if you are not there.

How much money would my parents need if i died today?
  Consider the amount you are spending today on your parents needs: health & wellness, transportation bills, phone bills, shortages in their regular living expenses etc. Generally, it is $3000 to $12000 annually per person depends on their need and your support level. If your parents are not receiving any pension or other income and fully dependent on you then it could be higher need depends on the unique situation.

How much will i need to cover for my parents funeral costs?
  (Consider funeral cost: inflation, rising property and land prices etc.) Generally, it is $6,000 to $15,000 per deceased. The funeral cost could go higher as per unique situation and the time.

Step 4 - My favorite charity?

This step is the opportunity to continue to taking care of your favorite charity after your death. What is a better gift than charity?

How much would you like to donate in one lump sum?
  Consider the total amount you are donating now in one or more charities: Your long distance relative, friend, kids foundations etc.

Step 5- How much are my assets worth?

This final step is to help you evaluate your financial position and add up your total debts (mortgage, loans etc.), final expenses (funeral costs, tax bills, medical bills etc.) family’s financial needs (family income needs for the desired number of years, family emergency need, children education costs, child-care expenses etc.) Dependent parents’ financial needs (parent support, parents funeral cost etc.) charity (lumpsum donations) and subtract all this from your total assets to calculate your life insurance needs.

How much do I have saved?
  Consider all your registered, non-registered savings, TFSA current value, other liquid savings: Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, segregated funds, GICs, etc.

What is the value of my real estate assets?
  Consider the total current market value of all of your properties today: Primary residence, commercial or investment property, apartments, condos etc.

How are my other assets worth?
  Consider the total other assets: Any valuables


Mortgage$ {{quantity}}.00
Debts $ {{price1}}.00
Expected final expenses $ {{price2}}.00
Current Annual Income $ {{price3}}.00
Family income after death $ {{price4}}.00
Years of income needed {{price5}} Years
Emergency funds for family$ {{price6}}.00
Expected childeren education cost$ {{price7}}.00
Expected child care expenses$ {{price8}}.00
Amount for parents after death$ {{price9}}.00
Parents funeral cost$ {{price10}}.00
Would like to donate$ {{price11}}.00
Savings$ {{price12}}.00
Real Estate Assets$ {{price13}}.00
How much my other assets worth?$ {{price14}}.00

My life insurance need is : $ {{quantity + price1 + price2 + price4* price5 + price6 + price7 + price8 + price9 + price10 + price11 | number:'1.0':'en-US'}}

The Amount of Life Insurance I Need Is:

$ 0.00

$ {{quantity + price1 + price2 + price4* price5 + price6 + price7 + price8 + price9 + price10 + price11 | number:'1.0':'en-US'}}

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